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Data Protection, as a practice area among Nigerian lawyers, is still very much in its infancy. There is a regrettable dearth of everything in this sphere! Little or no local decisions (data protection specific),  no Nigerian books on the subject (except for the solitary intervention of Casebook on Data Protection in June 2020), no professional body or association of practitioners (as at September 2020), no easily accessible body of editorial work etc.

Undoubtedly, in Nigeria, there is a massive information gap in the data protection industry (with an estimated market forecast running into 1.1 billion euros in the EU market in 2023) and that is the knowledge ‘cavity’ that the Law Firm of Olumide Babalola LP seeks to fill, with the instrumentation of The Data Protection Lawyer (DPL).

DPL will attempt to serve as a readily accessible platform for all-inclusive information on the law and practice of data protection in Nigeria as it evolves into a contemporary practice area gaining international reckoning.

DPL prides itself as the go-to platform for valuable data protection resources in Nigeria especially for lawyers who seek forging a career in privacy and data protection in the country.

This represents our Law Firm’s tokenism of encouraging and developing the practice area by sharing useful information that will further equip and enlighten professionals on varying aspects of the emerging field in Nigeria.

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